Who Should Use a Co-Working Space?

Who Uses Co-Working Spaces

co-working spaceIt’s been shown through the past several years that a co-working space provides advantages over traditional workspaces and can help entrepreneurial-spirited people thrive. But who can benefit from the co-working design? The answer might surprise you.


Using a co-working space instead of traditional offices can reduce overhead for your startup. Co-working also can provide the valuable connections that an entrepreneur needs to grow their business.


Co-working gives you the flexibility to work when it best suits you, without sacrificing community. Rather than working from home, co-working lets you work in an environment that increases your productivity and doesn’t stifle your creativity.

Large Corporations

co-working spaceA recent wave of larger companies has begun to jump on the co-working bandwagon. What was once a trendy alternative for self-starters is now becoming the norm in the business world. Tech corporations like Microsoft have begun to take advantage of the benefits shared workspaces have to offer.

Whether it’s just you, your small business, or a larger company, co-working offers flexibility, networking opportunities, and increased productivity.

Why Tulsa WorkSpace

It’s easy to see the benefits of co-working versus working in a traditional office or from home. Many entrepreneurs are taking the steps to find co-working spaces that fit their needs. Tulsa WorkSpace is working to redefine the work experience by allowing professionals to have access to office space, conference rooms, and services that they need, when they need them. Whether you need a space for a week or for a year, a workspace that will help you thrive is waiting for you at Tulsa WorkSpace.

Check out this tour of our space:

Tulsa WorkSpace is located in the Deco District of Downtown Tulsa on 6th and Boston in the historic Chamber of Commerce building. This prime location neighbors Centennial Green Park and is within walking distance of the Tulsa Court House, Federal Court House, Bankruptcy Court House as well as the famed  Blue Dome District and the BOK Center. The Tulsa Deco District celebrates Tulsa’s history while promoting today’s downtown living, shopping, working, and entertainment atmosphere.

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Our Space Includes:

  • A large open working space
  • Large work tables
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • A physical street address and mail handling service.
  • Fully Furnished Office Environment
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Use options
  • Fully Furnished Kitchens
  • 3 conference rooms
  • Dedicated workstations
  • Move-in Ready
  • Access to Office Equipment (print/copy/scan/fax)
  • Vibrant Locations
  • Prestigious Address
  • High-Speed Internet (wired and wireless)
  • Longer Term Lease Availability
  • Reception Services during business hours


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